CDI as a licensee of LMI (Leadership Management International, Waco, Texas, USA) has the access to a plethora of Training tools that cover all programs, platforms, or templates that help us and our trainers to deliver and facilitate experientially to our learners and participants. In reality, there are literally dozens (or maybe hundreds) of training and development tools with us. Our expertise covers the best types of employee training methods for your workforce may include:

  • Assessment Center & Development Center
  • Career Planning stepping stones
  • Coaching or Mentoring, if not Counselling
  • Discover yourself Questionnaires
  • E-Learning
  • Group discussion and activities
  • Hands-on training programs
  • Instructor-led training
  • Lectures mode/Videos/Podcast
  • On the Job Training programs
  • Motivational Sessions and Games
  • Psychometric tests Questionnaires
  • Role-playing
  • Simulation employee training.

Corporate Dossier India – Specialist Consultancy Services

We offer a free introductory consultation service and program showcase, to get an understanding of the organisation, the working environment & training needs.

Our expertise & experience, combined with your objectivity and working knowledge, delivers impactful results that are practical & specific to the company’s needs.

Improving performance and skills in today’s competitive market

Stand out from the competition with our tailored professional business training and development courses. Whether you are looking to boost your employees’ skill sets to improve workplace efficiency or aspiring to take your business to the next level, we can find a course specific to your needs.

We at Corporate Dossier India fervently and passionately believe in People Development and through Business Coaching we coach, sensitize Business men in the direction of world class standards. Our basket of Training and facilitation programs back up our determination with the People development series of experiential and transformational programs in the shadow of backward integration.

Corporate Dossier India has the unique distinction of working on Mind, Body and the Soul of Individuals, Corporate and Business through Coaching, Counselling, Facilitation, Mentoring and Training interventions.

Which is Why we’re different? We offer consultancy services that are tailored to your business’s needs.


Our programs, courses and sessions are convenient, interactive and responsive. Online programs can be viewed on a variety of devices including phones, tablets, and traditional desktops. Offline programs are Fun, Highly interactive with numerous management and simulated games to make pertinent injector to the topic/theme or subject matter. CDI ensures the ease to participate, organise and sponsor.


The second effective learning technique employed in the program is spaced repetition — the learning technique that gives you a head start in establishing effective habits. Listen to each lesson a minimum of six times, preferably once a day for six days, before proceeding to the next lesson. At least once, read the text as you listen, taking time to make notes in the NOTES utility found in the course menu.


CDI as our parent LMI use the technique – each of the five senses performs a specialized function in providing knowledge and understanding of the world. Although all five senses are important, the majority of our knowledge comes through sight and hearing. Effective Personal Productivity® makes use of the visual sense through written text and involves hearing through the audio recordings. A third sense — that of touch — is also brought into play through the use of writing as you respond to the various action steps suggested at the end of each lesson and as you takes notes. When you involve several of the senses in the learning process, you increase the amount of knowledge you retain and have available for use.

6 Steps to Creating UNIQUE Effective Training Programs

  • Assess training needs: The first step in developing a training program is to identify and assess Training needs through TNI – Training Needs Analysis.
  • Understand & appreciate organizational Training objectives, Culture and History
  • Create Need based Training action plan
  • Research & Design to Implement Training program unique to Organisational need
  • Evaluate & revise Training based on feedback
  • Transformational LMI – Tools

How to we Design Training programs at Corporate Dossier India:

  • CONCEPT and IDEA: Identify the need for training. Talk with the learner or with the learner's manager or supervisor/L&D Heads/in charge to assess the learner's skills, knowledge, and experience. This is in discussion mode with pertinent notes jotted down
  • THINK TANK: Assess the need for instructor-led training
  • CONCEPTUALISE: Define training objectives
  • DESIGN: Design the training
  • DEVELOPMENT and DETAILING: Develop the training
  • FINAL STAGE: Evaluate the training within CDI and stakeholders
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Conduct the program after course corrections post discussion with stakeholders and update/modification. Quality checks and then the program is good to go